P A T T E R N D I S R U P T What is Pattern Disrupt? The concept of "Pattern Disrupt" came to me in a sacred ceremony in the springtime of 2015. I was getting to know a new love interest that was clearly igniting my deepest desire, and yet the situation came with some unprecedented complexities. i found myself being called out to make a clear choice: Lean in to more closeness with this incredibly magnetic human while expanding in to a new version of myself I had yet to understand, or play it safe and move on... It was undeniable that I wanted more connection and, it seemed, I might be ready to face my fear and learn a new way of relating. I realized that my availability for 'next level' intimacy was unconsciously bound by distrust, avoidance, and scarcity. Something about this particular connection was so compelling that it became clear- I was exhausted with the old pattern because it was in the way of my ability to connect as deeply as I wanted to. Time to take responsibility for how I've shown up and for what I actually want.
The phrase "love is pattern disrupt, increase value increase value" kept repeating in my consciousness over and over. It was clear my soul was being summoned up to a greater purpose- one that I was familiar with on an intellectual level. I'd had many passing glimpses in to the realm of unconditional loving, but this was much deeper and more potent than ever before, I felt it in the marrow of my bones, reshaping my foundational frame on reality.
I was shown that love in its purest form is free from attachment to outcome and that if I allow myself to open completely and devote to loving as clear decisive action, none of my projected doubts have a place to land. This has become a deep soul level initiation; one that I've been preparing for all my life. Now I understand that all I need to do is make the clear choice in every moment to surrender all of my fears to what I know is actually true in my heart and soul- that loving purely is the most gratifying and life affirming choice I can make as a human being.
it is the highest form of creative expression, perhaps even the very core nature of creativity itself, and it is what inspires me to make art.
The moment we attempt to fit love in to our fear patterns of insecurity and control is the moment we choose to diminish its vital power.
I choose to disrupt any and all patterns of egoic control in order to expand in to love's greatest creative potential.
Potential = Potency
I invite you to embrace this possibility within yourself-
To consciously disrupt your own fear patterns and invite the art of on purpose loving to transform your life; to engage the world with curiosity, acceptance, and open hearted presence, to actively choose love in every possible facet of your being. There is no right or wrong way of loving. Sometimes leaning in is most loving, and sometimes letting go is as well...
We all have our stories of hurt, betrayal, and trauma from the past. It is up to every individual to understand themselves and resolve to grow beyond their past. We've all downloaded shame and guilt programs in to our ego operating systems. They are psychological viruses that must be quarantined and transmuted through compassionate acknowledgement and creative integration.
Now is the time to take ownership of everything left unresolved in your emotional matrix. Find the resources you need in order to complete your past. Cultivate truly supportive relationships and let go of people and situations that perpetuate suffering. Ask for help. Find a way to release your anger, frustration, and sadness in a conscious way. Cry through your grief like your life depends on it. Clear the cobwebs from your heart and mind. Rewire your beliefs toward knowing that your body and mind are a sacred earth temple. Feel joy and pain with equal reverence. Take yourself on a journey of growing beyond your comfort zones, learn emotional intelligence and the art of being in integrity with your true self and all life. We are conduits of incredibly powerful energy. Life is always moving through us, as are oxygen and electricity. The more we allow this energy to move and renew, the closer we get to creating a truly sustainable human civilization in which art, joy, pleasure, and play are revered as essential, even vital to our survival.
Imagine a world where we come together as tribe and collectively choose love to guide us in to the sustainable future we all actually want to co-create…
Thank you so much for being here and supporting my art.
I am so grateful for this life. Love like the future of our race and planet depends on it.
it does. Special deep gratitude to JM, FLY!!! - Chris James Home